Mouth Piece Prot…

  • Euphonium Mouth Pieces, a Cutaway Version for Inter-play Training and the Original
  • Horn Mouth Pieces, both with Custom Curved Rims and Variations on an Angled Shank
  • Tuba and Euphonium Mouth Piece Prototypes
  • Tuba, with a Horizontally Stretched Rim and a Euphonium Cutaway Mouth Piece
  • Tuba Rim and Handle Training Devices with Various Horizontally Stretched Rims
  • Tuba Mouth Piece with a Horizontally Stretched Rim, and a Euphonium Cutaway Mouth Piece
  • Horn Mouth Pieces with the Original, In Place Adjustable Endurance Trainer, Curved Rim and a Clone
  • The MakerBot Printing a Tuba Cutaway Mouth Piece

These brass musical instrument mouth piece variation prototypes are inexpensive and quick to modify and produce.  Client driven variations may include anything that pertains to the shape of the mouth piece for the purpose of either: enhancing tone, increasing comfort and endurance or for teaching and training. Variations that have recently been employed include an angled shank (rests better on the lips), horizontally stretched rim (provides for more lip vibration), curved rim (better contact conforming to a clients lips) plus variations on internal shape, hole size and the development of training devices.  Once prototypes are found satisfactory, the virtual models can be sent to a company that specializes in brass and brass plated mouth pieces.

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