Brand New SolidWorks Course – “Sketch Driven – Sheet Metal Assembly” Available Soon!

Brand new SolidWorks course – Sketch Driven – Sheet Metal Assembly, available soon at Pluralsight.

This course describes how you can manage all of the generalized geometry of a SolidWorks Sheet Metal assembly, and all the parts associated with that assembly, with just a single sketch.  The sketch is a 3D sketch, as the only design element in what I call a Design Envelope part, at the top of the assembly Feature Manager.  If you need to make the assembly and all of the parts in that assembly, longer – wider or taller, or modify the coordinated hole locations, then this course will show you how to do it and it will be easy, fast and fun.  This method is the the easy and error free way to manage an In-Context assembly where all of the references are to the 3D Sketch – at the easy to find location – at the top of the assembly Feature Manager.

The course has just been completed and will be available soon, please check back or check into Pluralsight.

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