Perfect Toaster – Product Concept

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Toasters that rely on a thermostatic switch, regulated with a dial with arbitrary numbers on it can produce erratic results. When the toaster is cool the first toast slice will come out dark, while the second slice, when the toaster is now warm, will come out lighter and quicker at the same dial setting and using the same bread. Other times, and for no apparent reason, the toast will come out very dark almost burning. Getting the tolerance dial in the correct position takes frequent monitoring especially when dealing with different bread types. Relying on a different and more relevant sensor, rather than an unreliable temperature switch, may be a better choice for getting the perfect darkened piece of toast.


The perfect piece of toast comes from the Perfect Toaster where the color of the toast, and how dark a user wants it, will determine when the toast is done – not an unreliable temperature switch.

This is how it is conceived to work:
• The bread is loaded in one of the available toast slots (each toast slot is now independent from the other ones)
• The bread descends automatically to the bottom of the slot (no lever to push down) and the bread begins to toast
• An infrared scanner images the bread and displays the original bread color on an LCD touch screen in front of the toaster
• The LCD screen also displays various choices for how dark a user want its toast, they will select one of those choices
• While toasting the scanner will display toasting progress on the LCD screen using a moving box, or it will display the current darkness of the toast compared to the intended darkness and/or with a timer.
• User may select a new choice at any time.
• Pressing the “Done” portion of the screen will bring the toast up.
• The finished toast will not weigh much and a small motor will raise it out of the slot, accompanied by an audible notification.
• All of these functions may be run by a phone or tablet app or a remote

The perfect piece of toast every time, as dark or light as you like it, with the Perfect Toaster.