Ready Windshield Defroster – Remote Accessed, Rechargeable – Product Concept

  • Ready Windshield Defroster
  • Ready Windshield Defroster
  • Ready Windshield Defroster

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Scraping frost, ice and snow off a windshield on a cold morning can be tedious and time consuming – when you don’t have the time. Common methods of prevention, like blankets, and methods for removal such as brushes, scrapers and sprays still leave some frost and ice behind obscuring your view of the road. In fact, the windshield never gets completely clear until heat is applied, from the inside. Warming up your car is a solution but this also takes time and wastes energy.
There exists a need to employ a device that applies heat to a windshield, on the inside and in your absence so that the windshield is defrosted and ready to go when you are ready to drive.


The solution to a frosted, icy or snowy windshield is the Ready Windshield Defroster which will heat your windshield from the inside via a timer or an app.

How it works:
•Set the timer or app to about 10 minutes before you have to leave for work or school.
•When ready to drive, remove the self-adhesive heating pad, coil it and store for next time.
•At night, apply the self-adhesive pad to the windshield so it is set and ready to defrost.
Features include:
•Self-adhesive heating pad which will stick to a smooth surface and leaves no residue behind.
The pad has a surface similar to the glue on a post-it note, or an electrostatic microfiber surface, or similar surface that is easy to clean with soap and water.
•When not in use the self-adhesive heating pad can be rolled and stored in a convenient location or wrapped in a band or bag to keep it clean.
•The self-adhesive heating pad will have a sensor on it so that it can maintain the appropriate windshield temperature, just above freezing, which will be dependent on weather conditions.
•Heating only a small portion of the windshield, with insulation on the back the pad, will minimize the power and time needed to defrost.
•App will monitor use, power and provide alerts.
•Battery is flexible with a rubber like surface so it will conform and adhere to the top of a dashboard.
•The rechargeable battery is always plugged into the 12VDC charger but will charge only when the vehicle is running (so it does not drain the vehicle battery).

Your windshield will be defrosted and ready to go when you are ready to go too.