The Scoop on Attending SolidWorks World 2017

Here’s the scoop on SolidWorks World:

First of all, everything is relaxed at SWW and the attire is casual (unless you want to impress some people).  And you will see a lot of t-shirts.  The first thing you need to do is go to the registration booth and sign in, then you’ll be given your welcome package including your SWW2017 souvenir t-shirt.  A lot of people wear these and other similar shirts at the event.  Like a lot of attendees, you can put the shirt on right away, sometimes over their existing shirt.  The welcome package also contains your event name badge and lanyard, a program guide for the conference, a cool SW backpack (unique every year), a bunch of partner pavilion related brochures and coupons along with your SWW2017 souvenir t-shirt.

The event name badge allows you to get into the technical sessions, the general session, Partner Pavilion, meal halls for breakfast and lunch, and the Tuesday night Special Event (you need to always wear it, or have it handy).

 Also, once we arrive on Sunday, you won’t have to pay for a meal or beverage until Thursday when you leave town.

 The program guide has most of the information you may need for the conference including information on the general sessions, technical sessions, partners in the pavilion, maps and similar type of information.

 The Partner Pavilion, as they call it, is open most of the time during the conference and has about a hundred and fifty exhibitors displaying all sorts of design related equipment, services and creations.  This is where a lot of companies show off their new products and innovations.  It’s one of my favorite places to hang out when you’re not busy with other things.  It’s a design nerd’s playground.  It also contains a bunch of interactive exhibits, student projects, vehicles, machines and other creations that were designed in SolidWorks plus the booths for the Model Mania contest.  And of course snacks, desserts and beverages after lunch and most evenings.

 The Special Event, announced during the show, has been at some very cool venues before including Universal Studios in Orlando, Animal Kingdom at Disney World, the Gas Lamp Quarter in San Diego, Gilley’s in Dallas, Cowboys Dance Hall in San Antonio, Corona Ranch in Phoenix, plus some duds too.  Usually you get the run of the place and can eat or drink as much as you like.  There is also live bands and dancing and amusement rides when appropriate.  And it’s all for free (really, its paid for by your conference pass or by the company) – very cool! 

 Food and drink at the Special Event are typically mid to high end fare including steaks, prime rib, seafood, pasta, buffets of all sorts of items and more.  You can easily consume a hundred dollars or more of what would typically be a restaurant or bar tab.

 Attire for the show:  I usually wear a pair of nice jeans and bring along an extra pair with a couple of casual shirts plus a sweater or something I can wear over the top of something else to stay warm if needed.  I travel lite going down, because coming back you’ll have your new backpack that will be filled with all of your booty.

 Have you signed up for your technical sessions?  If you are new to SolidWorks I would stick with the beginner classes.  The hands on sessions are good but fill up right away.  You should pick them out soon, let me know if you need help deciding what to enroll in.  I usually select two or three sessions, so if one is not what you think it should be then you can quickly move to your second choice.  My session “Simple Weldments for a Complex Structure” is on Tuesday from 10:30 to noon.

 Bottom line.  If you are new to SolidWorks the World will be greatest learning experience for the software that you’ll encounter.  You get to meet a bunch of really interesting people engaged in similar lines of work that you are.  And see all sorts of interesting exhibits, creations and innovative products.  It is the most intense design related 100 hours that you’ll experience.

 Have fun!



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