YSWUG Winter Meeting, Wednesday February 5th, Michael Steeves on “How to Innovate within the Bounds of Industry Standards”

YSWUG Winter meeting:  Michael Steeves will be giving his SolidWorlks World presentation on: “How to Innovate within the Bounds of Industry Standards”.  As his abstract for the conference states: “Industry certifications and regulations such as ISO and AS can help your business. Regardless of where your company is in the process of certification, there are a number of lessons to be learned and benefits to be gained”. This should be a very useful presentation on the business aspects of design and manufacturing certifications.

I will also be giving a presentation on a technique that I have found very useful lately in “Using a Multibody Part in Assembly Design“, “Demonstrating the Advantages of Using Multibodies and Part Configurations in Assemblies when Relationships do Matter”.  This presentation will include a why and how with a step by step approach using design sketches, creation of multibodies and configurations leading to easy to put together and well defined assemblies and Bills of Materials.  Visit our website for additional information: YSWUG

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