The Bendy Band – Almost There!

The Bendy Band – Almost There! Development has been slow through the virus situation but we are getting close to being able to demonstrate our manufacturable prototype with the hope of introducing the product concept at the National Hardware Show in May.  Our manufacturable prototype not only validates the function of the product – but we are also working out the steps of manufacturing including:

  • Tube source and material – with elastic qualities, hard stop, marking for logo
  • Knob source and material – injection mold – locally sourced – global distribution
  • Wire source and material – easy bending – high fatigue strength
  • Assembly machine – plunger type, manual, fast cycle (power and automation soon)
  • Various manufacturing partners for all three components and assembly.








Two utility patents

Very favorable cost analysis

Look for more details soon – in the next couple of months – including a promotional video!!


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