Help on Using Equations, Sketching Interface is Slow

Help on Using Equations, Sketching Interface is Slow

Nick writes:

So this problem has actually been repeatable for me on multiple machines and is very easy to recreate. For some reason having a lot of global variables does not seem to be the optimal way to model because something is going on in the background causing the CPU to slow down. I can’t exactly send you the model since it is for a client, but take a look at the attached equation list export.

I can start a brand new model, have it reference the attached text file, and then start arbitrarily assigning dimensions within a sketch to match some global variables. After assigning 4-5 variables per feature, I only need to build about 3-4 features before there is a noticeable delay in sketching.

Is there a better way for me to setup this kind of operation that achieves the same intent but is not using all global variables? Like you mentioned, I want to be able to have “one stop shopping” experience where I can input the information from a data sheet for a part that I am able to source vs. a custom made part, and then the model will update based on how each part is dimensioned off each other.

I’m interested to see if you experience the same kind of sketching delays from assigning a lot of global variables.

Thanks for your support.


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